Break Point was nothing short of a movie and already feels like it happened ages ago! With all of the excitement in the market, especially surrounding Solana, time is flying by. From top NFT collections such as MadLads and Claynosaurs having a sudden surge in price to DeFi protocols growing and speculation about big airdrops, the Solana ecosystem has found itself in the spotlight once again.

We can’t wait to welcome all of the new creators and collectors with open arms as we continue to work to grow the Solana art scene amidst the rise in attention! It’s been a big end of the year for the Solana community, a much-needed collective W, now let’s keep this momentum going!

Catch up on art news, Solana, and more in this edition of the Insider! 

Want to see your art on a Meural digital frame?

Well, you’re in luck! Tis the season for giving back to the amazing creators who call Exchange Art home. We’re partnering up with Meural by Netgear to give away not one, but two 27-inch digital frames to creators anywhere in the world and the best part is, that it’s simple to enter.


To enter the giveaway:

-Quote this post with a piece of art that you want to be displayed on your very own digital display saying “Digital art deserves to be showcased” + Tag @MeetMeural and @exchgART

-Tag 2 creators in the original post

Winners will be selected by @MeetMeural and must have an Exchange Art account

Giveaway ends 12/6 at 1 pm EST

The Simpsons take a jab at NFTs & Crypto!

Look Mom, we’re on TV again! NFTs have hit the mainstream once again, this time portrayed by the iconic TV series The Simpsons. While comical and satirical many were quick to point out the similarities between the digital art featured in the episode and that of popular NFT projects. The creators are no strangers to mocking the crypto and NFT space and it always comes with a massive buzz.

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In the subsequent hours derivative NFTs based off of the Simpsons were released and the internet was lit up. Are all of these seemingly silly things pointing toward cryptos' journey to being a mainstream asset? Are NFTs to follow? Just don’t turn me into an NFT. 

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Van Gogh NFTs… are bullish?

Wait so NFTs really aren’t dead? That’s what many are left questioning after Two digital NFT artworks, inspired by the iconic Vincent van Gogh, have taken the crypto world by storm. The two artworks have fetched over $2.5 million combined. These sales which took place on Bitcoin, a current leader in the NFT markets with their ‘Ordinals’, also showcase the increased interest in “classical” NFTs.

Major sales figures like these are harder to come by these days but mark a time when data has shown an increase in NFT volume from 40% off of the lows, signaling what could be a more robust recovery of the asset class. What are your thoughts on “classical NFTs” and Bitcoin Ordinals?

Analysts set high expectations for Solana! 

Institutional investment firms are making their speculations amongst the returned eyes and energy on Solana with VanEck making a splash their expectations! VanEcks report had a diverse valuation of scenarios from the conversative to the wildly bullish. In one scenario the investment firm plays out the potential of Solana being the first blockchain with applications that have over 100 million users, the result, a whopping 10,600% increase from the price of $32 to $3,211.

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Regardless of the final outcome, the increased positive speculation is a welcomed reprise from the negativity that has surrounded Solana in the past year prior. 

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The Met: a signal for a more inclusive art world

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is no stranger to marching to the rhythm of its own drum and taking the art world with it. In 2018 the institution began the $150m process of renovating the European paintings gallery with the end goal of a vast rehang, for those not familiar with the term a ‘rehang’ simply put is where the museum switches out work for that which has not been seen in some time or is lesser known to the public.

As the renovations completed and the wings reopened, one clear focus was visible. Women artists, who had historically been all but shut out of the European painting department’s presentations, were given greater attention, and so were topics like colonialism, class, race, and gender. Will they continue to make this focus spread through the art world to be more inclusive of history as a whole? Time will tell but the exhibition is stunning! 

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India: the art world's, next hub? 

In a continued trend, the art world finds itself looking towards Asia’s vast and growing markets especially that of the largely overlooked in the context of modern art, India. In the past decade India’s economy has experienced a massive growth thanks in part to reducing their dependence on foreign factors for manufacturing, with another 6% growth expected in the coming year.

India’s government also has major plans for bolstering technology, innovation, and digital infrastructure with projections putting India as the third-largest economy in 5 years' time. Nowhere else is this new wealth more apparent than in Mumbai and there, the gallery and art scene is absolutely buzzing. In 2012 Mumbai Gallery Week was started with just a mere 9 local small galleries to juxtapose Art Mumbai has just opened with over 50 galleries in representation from around the world! Those present at Art Mumbai describe the energy as being palpable and an immense interest being formed in the arts. 

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