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The Insider - Issue #20

Break Point was nothing short of a movie and already feels like it happened ages ago! With all of the excitement in the market, especially surrounding Solana, time is flying by. From top NFT collections such as MadLads and Claynosaurs having a sudden surge in price to DeFi protocols growing...


The Insider - Issue #19

The anticipation is palpable and orderbooks thin as the market waits with bated breath for the possibility of ETFs getting approved and the inflow of institutional investment firms further embracing cryptocurrency. As the charts churn Solana continues to outperform most of the crypto market with increasingly positive sentiment. All roads...


The Insider - Issue #18

It is said that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, but what does preparation look like? It looks like exactly what we, the market participants, the builders, the creators, and the collectors are doing; always improving! 2023 has undoubtedly been a year of tumult in the financial and...


The Insider - Issue #17

As summer vacations start to come to an end and the cool air of fall starts to blow in,, the gallery doors begin to unlock and the art event season comes back in full swing! Fresh off of Berlin Hacker House and inspired by the efforts of J.T Liss...


The Insider - Issue #16

While many bounce between different “flavors of the week” and “metas” within the cryptosphere, we are doubling down on what matters most to us at the core- the art! From riveting Spaces conversation to our curated calendar highlighting both the Solana and Ethereum art communities to a multitude of opportunities...


The Insider - Issue #15

Twitter is now X. Exchange has integrated ETH. What happened to Threads? Things change fast around here and it can be hard to keep up with the ebbs and flows. With all of the changes in social media platforms, we wanted to shine some light on the social features of...

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