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Investing in Art: Beauty Matters

Investing in art is reminiscent of getting married. You find something good looking, hold on for as long as possible, hope it ages well, and if you want to exchange it for money before you die, you’ll probably need to hire a professional. That’s a joke, of course,...

Haley Karren

Proof of Photo

Exchange Art is pleased to present Proof of Photo, a group exhibition that considers the breadth of photography on Solana. Featuring Ilan Derech, Johnny Jordan, Jim Roll, and Cath Simard, Proof of Photo is the second show in our gallery space in Southampton, New York. For digital art to have...

Haley Karren

Get to know Hyblinxx!

Tell us about yourself. Hi! I’m Hyblinxx, which is definitely an alias. I live in the United States building the creative world of Blinxx. I was born in Haiti but was adopted and grew up in the midwest United States. How did you become interested in art? I’ve...

Haley Karren

New Curated Series

There are 9 series that have recently been designated with curated status: Adam Ape, Voxel Monkes Ben Bauchau, Lost in a Place Degen Poet, Typestracts John Le, The First Edition Jose Narciso, Futuristic Cashew Lisanne Haack, Synergy Sir Wayne Nooten, Photographic Abstractions Sleepr, Exotic Utopia, The G Series Adam Ape,...

Haley Karren

The Evolution of Painting

Exchange Art is pleased to present The Evolution of Painting, a group exhibition that considers the lineage of abstraction from an attributed Jackson Pollock painting to the rise of digital abstract art. Featuring ADHD, Lisanne Haack, Jack Kaido, and Archie Morley, The Evolution of Painting is the inaugural show in...

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