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The Insider - Issue #02

Welcome back to The Insider by Exchange Art! Explore some of the happenings within the digital art movement on Solana and beyond! As Solana’s price 3x’d over the last few weeks, many were expecting a pullback in the art market. Much to our surprise, we have continued to...

Haley Karren

Istanbul Hacker House

The Istanbul Hacker House is taking place from February 1 through 5! The Exchange Art Gallery will highlight artworks by Turkish artists as well as artworks that focus on the Hacker House-wide theme of “crypto winter” by showing wintry works. The NFT panel featuring Abdik.Sol, Cloud Collector, and Turmosov...


Introducing "Following and Notifications"

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a long-awaited feature, "Following and Notifications"; a powerful new release that will help you build and strengthen connections with your community. Follow your favorite artists and collectors, easily keep up with what they are up to, and get notified about their activities....


Introducing USDC and BONK Integration

BONKING.WON’T.STOP. At Exchange we are dedicated to providing creators with the tools they need to succeed and we are excited to see what new possibilities our new feature will open up for them. Introducing SPL Token integration, a new feature that allows creators to choose the currency...

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