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Julia Jugaru

Ece Haskan : A closer look

Ece's work revolves around the intriguing concept of duality, a theme that permeates every stroke of her brush and pixel of her digital canvas. With a keen eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the surreal, she crafts figurative surrealist masterpieces that challenge the boundaries between the real and...

Julia Jugaru

The Pixel Revolution: How Tiny Squares Transformed Art

Pixel art, a unique and captivating form of digital art, has captivated artists and audiences alike with its distinct charm and rich history. In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of pixel art, exploring its origins, renowned artists, transformative impact on the art world, intriguing fun facts, and...

Julia Jugaru

Ilham Karim: A closer look

At the core of Karim's artistic vision lies the philosophy of Albert Camus' Absurdism. This existential perspective challenges the human condition, and Karim translates it into vibrant visual form. The vivid colors that permeate their works collide with figures caught in the throes of inexplicable poses, creating a paradoxical sense...


The Insider - Issue #17

As summer vacations start to come to an end and the cool air of fall starts to blow in,, the gallery doors begin to unlock and the art event season comes back in full swing! Fresh off of Berlin Hacker House and inspired by the efforts of J.T Liss...

Julia Jugaru

Canvas Chronicles: The Timeless Beauty of Still Life in Painting

Still life, often referred to as "dead nature" in painting, is a genre that has fascinated artists and art enthusiasts for centuries. This art form captures the beauty and fragility of everyday objects, providing a window into the cultural and historical context of different periods. In this article, we will...

Julia Jugaru

Solana Hacker House Berlin

In the heart of Berlin, where technology and art converge, an event of groundbreaking significance is underway – the Solana x Jump x Circle Hacker House. This four-day offline gathering is a fusion of innovation and creativity, where the digital realm meets the physical, and it's creating ripples in both the...

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