Cath Simard kicks off 2024 with a timely limited edition titled ‘Day 1 that invites the viewer into the adventure of a lifetime, Cath’s very first overnight backcountry canoe trip, a four-hour paddle to Spirit Island, a remote mystical island located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

She can typically be found venturing into the mountains but we were lucky enough to trek deeper into ‘Day 1 with the world wanderer for a very special Behind the Art to celebrate her first edition drop in Solana!


No story can be fully understood without first venturing back to how it all began. Cath Simard’s journey into the creative realms began at an early age but did not begin with photography she recalls. “I started in the creative industry as a model when I was around 15 years old. I modeled for ten years and worked as a fashion stylist for four years. Although always drawn to visual arts, the idea of becoming a photographer never crossed my mind. The turning point came in 2014 when discontent with the industry and a lack of purpose led me to sell my possessions, break my apartment lease, and book a one-way ticket to Australia.”

This Hail Mary adventure would become the start of a chain reaction leading Cath through a series of events she considers formative in her finding not only her artistic voice but a sense of longing and purpose in life as well.

Simard spent two years working on farms, first at a cherry farm in Tasmania and later at a banana farm in Queensland. On the weekends, she would document her escapades with her iPhone.

During this period, an Australian bandana company approached Cath to photograph their products. Despite having minimal experience with a camera, she accepted the opportunity and began photographing people wearing bandanas engaged in outdoor activities.

After finishing her farm work in 2016, Cath opted for a three-month solo trip to Indonesia, Hawaii, and Western Canada. The Canadian Rockies, in particular, is where Cath recalls falling in love with hiking and landscape photography. “This place strangely felt like home,” Cath explains, “During this journey, I documented my adventures and developed a profound affection for capturing the beauty of mountains, particularly. For the first time in my life, I encountered something that resonated deeply, filling me with an overwhelming sense of completeness and energy.”

Coming back from this trip, Cath started sharing her work on Instagram, and to her surprise, it rapidly got a lot of attention. “The next few years were spent traveling, working side-jobs, photographing the mountains, and perfectionning my craft.” Cath said. “At this point, I was completely dedicated to landscape photography. Some would say obsessed.”

In 2018, Cath led her first photography workshop in Quebec and fell in love with everything about it. After this experience, she decided to combine her passion for teaching, hiking, and traveling into unique international photography workshops. “I found teaching photography and leading trips in nature extremely fulfilling,” remembers Simard.

“Unfortunately (or fortunately), COVID forced me to stop workshops which were my main source of income.” During that summer, Simard decided to drive across Canada and spend time in the Canadian Rockies, where she ended up living off her old Rav4 for about 6 months. “This time spent focusing on my craft helped me elevate my work and reconnect with the mountains. A few months later, I learned about NFTs, and the rest is history.”


’Day 1’ was taken back in 2017 during Simard's first overnight backcountry canoe trip, a four-hour paddle to Spirit Island, a remote mystical island located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Cath recalls the emotions that she felt on this metamorphic trip, “I remember the mixed feelings of uncertainty, fear, and excitement while loading the canoe early in the morning. Both my adventure partner and I lacked experience and navigation skills, and we’ve never been to Spirit Island. We left the shore and paddled quietly for most of the trip; determined but relaxed, an opportunity to self-reflect and connect with nature.

Towering mountains were all over us and we were blessed with bluebird skies. A few hours later, almost to our surprise, we finally reached Spirit Island. Our arms were sore but our vibrations were high. We spent the rest of our trip photographing the area for sunset, night, and sunrise. This journey evolved into one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, contributing significantly to both personal growth and creative fulfillment. It is also on this trip that I captured some of the strongest images in my portfolio.”

’Day 1’ mirrors the metaphorical and physical journey of taking the first step into uncharted waters, a common theme throughout the life of Cath Simard, and one that is relatable to the trials and tribulations of every human being.

“A lot of my work invites the viewer to not only explore and connect nature but to explore and connect with themselves.” Cath explains, “You’ll often find within the images I create, titles and accompanying writings, themes that occupy a very important part of my life such as connection with nature, pushing your limits and getting outside of your comfort zone, humbleness and gratitude, personal growth and self-reflection, and embracing the unknown.”

“I decided to title this image ‘Day 1’ for its visual meaning, the tip of the canoe against a serene landscape, an invitation to embark on a new journey drifting into infinity.

From a symbolic perspective, this image speaks to the universal human desire for discovery and connection with the outdoors. It embodies the essence of exploration, the thrill of the unknown, and the beauty found in the coexistence of humanity and the untamed wilderness. It showcases the symbiotic relationship between one’s journey, symbolized by the canoe, and the boundless wonders of the world that unfold in the background — a visual narrative that transcends the confines of the frame and inspires a sense of adventure.”

The symbolism and meaning of Simard's work comes permeating through not only the imagery and title but also the means of releasing the artwork. “It was important for me to drop ‘Day 1’ on January 1st,” Cath explained. “There was a unique opportunity to align the personal meaning of this artwork with the collective spirit of resolutions, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in its narrative and self-reflect.” Cath believes that it is up to the viewer to find their interpretation of this piece. “To me, ‘Day 1’ is my reminder to embark on new journeys and challenges without the constraints of waiting for the elusive ‘perfect moment’. Paradoxically, I believe that every day is day one.”

Cath is notoriously selective when it comes to releasing her artwork, especially so when it comes to editions. She notes that “This photograph stands as one of my most beloved early works, resonating profoundly with many, still almost 7 years after publishing it. I do not release many editions per year; but when I do, I prefer releasing my most popular work as a large edition and more accessible price range.” Simards ‘Day 1’ edition is her first on Solana and a return to Exchange Art following a major year for the creator!

Simard seeks to have her artwork transcend the blockchain and become imagery that is appreciated, enjoyed, and used as inspiration for years to come. Through the offering of high-quality physical prints, she provides an invitation to constantly seek thrill and adventure, right in the heart of your home. Collecting an edition of ‘Day 1’ not only serves as your key to purchasing a signed and dated, high-quality print but also a ticket to a limited raffle. 11 lucky collectors will receive a FREE signed and dated 12 x 12 print of ‘Day 1’ complete with a certificate of authenticity!

Check out ‘Day 1’ by Cath Simard on Exchange Art here

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