Do you feel that? The energy on Solana is buzzing. Tons of high-quality art being released, SMB Gen 3 bringing a ton of excitement, and the DeFi ecosystem is growing. Solana Summer is a mindset and we are here for it!

Speaking of high-quality releases don't miss out on wave one of Zen0m & IceRain’s release Glyphscapes on Code Canvas. Glyphscapes: wave one drop Thursday, July 13th- read more here!

Check the CodeCanvas drop site here 👀

Creators Earn More: Welcome to Zero Seller Fees

Walk away from your sale will 100% of the funds that you earn. You heard that right! Exchange Art has shifted our fee structure to have 0 seller fees on both the primary and secondary markets. We believe that moving fees to the buyer side and allowing creators to earn more will promote a healthier ecosystem in which artists will benefit the most. Collectors, don't worry, the secondary fees will also be paid by the buyer allowing you to earn 2.5% more than in the past with every secondary sale.

Want to learn more about Exchange Art’s fee structure? Click here

How does that work? 👆

All in Time: SCUM does it again

If you are paying attention to art on Solana, you know that SCUM is always cooking up something special to engage the community with his high-caliber illustrations! If SCUM is going to do a raffle, it’s not going to be a typical raffle- enter RACKS. Over 2000 editions were sold through a white-label solution built by Exchange Art, these editions served as entry tickets to win Slime #28 but the fun doesn’t stop there!

“In a traditional raffle, your tickets are dead as soon as the raffle ends.” SCUM says “The raffler usually leaves with more in accrued value than the raffled item is worth. I wanted to try something new, as I saw an opportunity to capture attention and value without being on the wrong side of history by utilizing a raffle mechanic. I wanted the excitement and ecosystem-wide participation of a traditional raffle and a chance for someone with only a couple of SOL to have the opportunity to join our beautiful community.”

Each RACKS edition is also a ticket that allows you access to extremely limited merchandise designed by SCUM through a burn mechanic. Expect to see some of the vibrant colors and Neo-Chicano influence of SLIMES while also being exposed to the more design and fashion-oriented side of this multi-talented artist! Keep an eye on ALL IN TIME for these incredibly thoughtful pieces of exclusive merchandise!

Want to learn more about RACKS? Check this Tweet for SCUM.

Art Exhibitions Around the World - Arts Ambassadorship: Round 1

On behalf of Exchange Art we would like to congratulate the first five artists chosen to be part of round one of the Arts Ambassadorship Program created by JT Liss and sponsored by The Solana Foundation! This program inspires and enables creators worldwide to put on their own galleries in non-conventional settings, spreading more art and awareness from the digital into the physical.

Dana Fanego (Argentina) is a physical and digital abstract artist inspired by silence, rhythm, and nature. She will be producing an exhibition in August for fellow artist Lucrecia Gimenez.

Apah Benson & Imaji Daniel (Nigeria) two talented photographers in their own right, have teamed up on behalf of The Chaos DAO and will be producing the first-ever Solana-based Art exhibition in Nigeria.

Douglas McCurdy (USA) is producing his first-ever solo exhibition at The Post BK, The Post is a pop-up gallery space and basketball in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

Brick Astly (USA) is producing an IRL and Metaverse group exhibition, using blockchain art to spread awareness about wildfires and forestry conservation.

We cannot wait to see what each of you accomplish through this program and look forward to seeing many more exhibitions come to life in the future as this year-long program unfolds!

Interested in learning more and receiving a grant to do an exhibition of your own? Click here.

Generative Art History: Vera Molnár x Sotheby’s

If you ever needed proof that age is just a number, look no further than the nearly 100-year-old Vera Molnár. This generative art icon has helped to lay the groundwork for this important medium of art which is only just now, over half a century after art through computation first started being explored, is getting its day in the light of the auction houses and the appreciation it deserves. Molnár will be the first artist in Sotheby’s Gen Art Program, the auction house's most recent blockchain venture. Alongside Martin Grasser, Molnár has created a body of work titled Themes and Variations in which Molnár reflects upon her decades-long practice with the 'machine imaginaire' in the midst of the unforeseen explosion of the digital art movement. Molnár’s Themes and Variations, culminate around three letters in particular that have changed the dialogue around her life’s practice: N, F, T.

The Sotheby's Gen Art Program is powered by Art Blocks and will be the first time that the 300+ year old art auction house has ever utilized the ‘Dutch Auction’ mechanic versus their traditional auction method. To learn more click here.

Threads Mania: Utilizing Social Media as a Creator & Business

You couldn’t go online or watch the news this last week without hearing about Threads! Whether you have explored the new Meta owned app or have simply heard the rumble about it, it brings about an important question and topic for creators & business owners. What social media platforms do I need to be on? How much time do I commit? Is my whole life just social media now? While there is no one size fits all answer, let's talk about the benefits of why one might expand onto new social media platforms and some healthy ways for staying on top of being on multiple socials without feeling too overwhelmed!

Exchange Art live on Threads👆

First of all, when expanding to new platforms it's important to think about what your goals are in doing so, for most reading now it's to grow your community and get more interested in your art & you as an artist. In this regard, new social media platforms especially those that are new and highly active can help creators grow their network.

We already have so many things to do already, how can we manage?

Here are some tips from the Exchange Art marketing team that could help you:

1) Select your order of importance with the platforms you use.
2) Create a rough content plan and stick with it.
3) Schedule your posts when you can.
4) Stay consistent.
5) Pick times when it's best for you to engage your audience.
6) Recycle and repackage content.
7) Have fun!

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