Have you heard the news? Our Devs have been hard at work, it’s time to mark those calendars for July 18th, something big is coming to Exchange Art. Yes, this is an announcement of an announcement; yes, you should be excited about it!

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With all that is coming, from Community-led initiatives to impactful new releases, this summer is shaking up to be one for the books and another big leap forward for digital art.

Glyphscapes is coming to CoCa

Meet Glyphscapes, Wave 1 is launching July 13 on Code Canvas! Glyphscapes is a long-form algorithmic art project consisting of 2048 unique maps generated from a single set of primitive, abstract tiles. Glyphscapes has been developed over the past 8 months in partnership with IceRain and is created entirely from code and on the Solana blockchain, every Glyphscape will be generated live from a unique seed at the time of mint. Each grid cell consists of only a 1-bit sprite, but collectively they form a diverse universe of unique terrains, creatures, and curious artifacts

The art for Glyphscapes utilizes "text mode" or "tile art"—an encapsulation of methods like pixel and ASCII art—where images are made by combining numbers, letters, and other characters on a grid. To make Glyphscapes truly personal, Zen0m created his own set of 8px 1-bit glyphs instead of recycling existing font sets. In the realm of Glyphscapes, every object, character, and piece of terrain is crafted from this same family of primitive fragments!

Learn more about Glyphscapes, Wave 1 is launching on Code Canvas July 13th here

Onboarding Web2 Artists w/ Duke +1 and Wacom

Community is all about using your talents and the opportunities you receive to amplify others around you, Duke +1 gives us a masterclass on this with his new initiative to onboard more web2 creators through his ambassadorship with the prestigious Wacom.

Things get kicked off at the Wacom XP HQ in Düsseldorf on July 14th, 2023 with the +ODYSSEY OPENING SHOW, a night filled with community, panel talks, Q+A’s, and of course amazing art! Not only will this be Duke +1 first solo exhibition, but Duke also seeks to further create “one digital art community” and not have web3 and web2 feel like such separate worlds for digital creators.

The exhibition will be on display, daily, July 16 - 20. The festivities don't stop there, alongside SuperTeamGermany, Duke +1, and Dr.Revel are hosting an NFT Workshop for curious creators and doing the important work of onboarding new talent to Solana through in-person conversations and showcases. At the end of the workshop, there will be a closing show which exhibits the talent onboarded through this program and showcases their genesis NFTs on Exchange Art!

Learn more and RSVP here.

The Goose makes a splash

The collection of digital art previously owned by 3AC titled “Grails”, complete with some of the most well known and sought after NFTs known to date, was bound to make some noise as it hit the Sotheby's auction house floor- ‘The Goose’ certainly did not disappoint with a final sale price of $6.2 million! The Goose as it is known based on its familiarity to the animal, is a piece from the generative collection titled ‘Ringers’ by Dmitri Cherniak.

During a fairly quiet time in the NFT market, this piece of historic artwork blew past the 2-3 million dollar estimates and had bidders electric. The Goose now safely resides in the hands of the 6529 fund, the group that was originally outbid by now-defunct 3 Arrows Capital originally.

Read more about the piece here

Christie’s x MAPS: Cartography of the Soul

Art can be a powerful force for making an impact. Cartography of the Mind is a curated online-only auction of NFTs donated by visionary artists to benefit the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Lonely Island by Laura El - Sold for 8.79 ETH

Christie’s, in collaboration with collector Ryan Zurrer, have brought together more than two dozen artworks from creators such as Beeple, Refik Anadol, and the talented Laura El, many of which reflect the artists’ own profound experiences with psychedelics. The lot of captivating artworks, pulled in over $1.5 million to support the research and promotion of potentially life-saving psychedelic therapies led by MAPS!

Want to support the digital art movement?

This year's edition of the ART+TECH REPORT focuses on Digital Art Coll3cting. It was created, to understand and evaluate the influence of digitization and Web3 on the art market, which is still predominantly traditional. This latest survey focus is about taking an up-to-date look at the current trends in digital art collecting and inviting you to contribute by sharing your insights and experiences:

Participate in the Survey here 👆

The link to the survey will be active until July 16, 2023.

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