The Istanbul Hacker House is taking place from February 1 through 5, organized by Solana, Jump and Circle, partnering with Meural by Netgear!

The Exchange Art Gallery will highlight artworks by Turkish artists as well as artworks that focus on the Hacker House-wide theme of “crypto winter” by showing wintry works. The NFT panel featuring Abdik.Sol, Cloud Collector, and Turmosov on February 3 will explore the Turkish cryptoart community.  

Crypto Winter

We are exhibiting works by Cooky, Alex Kittoe, and Michael Woolery in keeping with the whimsical theme of "crypto winter."

Multidisciplinary artist Cooky created this series, The Elementals, which delves into the connection between people and the natural world through the portrayal of five characters, each of which embodies the spirit of one of the elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal. In this piece, Drift, the wood Elemental observes the snow falling.

Film photographer Alex Kittoe created The 49th State, a photography project shot throughout various parts of Alaska. Act II - Frozen World, focuses on the icy whites and cool blues of the otherworldly glacial landscapes.

Photographer Michael Woolery captures chic skiing in Alta Ski Area, one of the first ski areas established in the United States. He combines fashion, athleticism, and fine art in these beautiful images that highlight the joy of skiing in the series Alta.

The Exchange Art Gallery featuring artworks by Michael Woolery, Cooky, and Alex Kittoe

Turkish Artists

We highlight the complexity of  Istanbul cryptoart by exhibiting the artwork of Abdik.Sol, Cloud Collector, and Turmosov.

Turkish photographer Abdik.Sol creates documentary and collage photographs that relate to the manipulation of space. This series, Hide and Seek, presents composed portraits of people hidden in the environment. Their faces and identities are purposefully obscured, allowing them to become part of the scene. Hide and Seek was shot on film in various locations around Turkey.

Istanbul-based artist Cloud Collector creates physical paintings in acrylic, watercolor, and pen on paper. The paintings come alive when the artist animates them, adding sound effects and music. This series explores the whimsical character of the Eye Box.

With Time is On Your Side, multidisciplinary Turkish artist Turmusov and developer Aertascom produce a fascinating series of interactive and evolving works that accurately display the time at the exact moment of viewing. A few of the works also include games that you can play on the Exchange Art site or in your wallet!  

The Exchange Art Gallery featuring artworks by Turmosov, Abdik.Sol, and Cloud Collector
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