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"Digital Art Events" covers the latest news and information about upcoming events related to digital art. Here you will find details about our exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and other events that showcase the best and brightest in the world of digital art.

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Haley Karren

Istanbul Hacker House

The Istanbul Hacker House is taking place from February 1 through 5! The Exchange Art Gallery will highlight artworks by Turkish artists as well as artworks that focus on the Hacker House-wide theme of “crypto winter” by showing wintry works. The NFT panel featuring Abdik.Sol, Cloud Collector, and Turmosov...


NFTs: Bagatelle or Art?

NFTs: Bagatelle or Art? is designed for those passionate about the intersection of art, technology, and emerging cultural trends to explore the connection between the digital art realm and the physical world.

Haley Karren

Proof of Photo

Exchange Art is pleased to present Proof of Photo, a group exhibition that considers the breadth of photography on Solana. Featuring Ilan Derech, Johnny Jordan, Jim Roll, and Cath Simard, Proof of Photo is the second show in our gallery space in Southampton, New York. For digital art to have...

Haley Karren

The Evolution of Painting

Exchange Art is pleased to present The Evolution of Painting, a group exhibition that considers the lineage of abstraction from an attributed Jackson Pollock painting to the rise of digital abstract art. Featuring ADHD, Lisanne Haack, Jack Kaido, and Archie Morley, The Evolution of Painting is the inaugural show in...

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