From the moment that photography was invented, photographers have captured the world around them. Landscape photography dates back to the very beginning of the medium and continues to be a significant genre. Photographers have represented the landscape through all historic processes of photography - positives, negatives, film, and digital. Landscape photographers have continued to innovate and have embraced the blockchain.

There is a vibrant group of photographers producing landscape photography on Exchange Art.  Their love for the natural world is clearly evident in these works.

  1. Wolfpack Collective, Wildflower

The Wolfpack Collective is a collective of photographers Nevin Johnson, Jakob LR, & Austin Visual. They traveled to Wyoming to capture the beauty of the Grand Tetons. Wildflower is an exciting photograph as it was taken by Jakob LR and edited by Nevin Johnson, indicating the close relationship between the group.

Wolfpack Collective, Wildflower

2. Nevin Johnson, Just Pretend

Nevin Johnson knows how to capture a landscape. The composition is dynamite - the shape of the clouds mirrors the curves of the waves - and the color contrast between the orange at the horizon line, the purple clouds, and the blue sky is perfect. And to top it all off, we have Nevin’s sunrise signature - the crescent moon.

Nevin Johnson, Just Pretend

3. Alex Kittoe, Forest Glow

I adore this film photograph of the Colorado wilderness. The light streaming through the trees as the water rushes below is beautiful. The warm tone has become emblematic of Alex Kittoe’s style.

Alex Kittoe, Forest Glow

4. Lights, Half Dome

In this piece, LIGHTS represents the iconic Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in his incredibly unique style - he enhances his images with texture, color, and shapes to create a uniquely blockchain aesthetic. The block and dot textures pull the viewer into the image, enveloping and welcoming them to the beauty and vibrance of the natural environment.

5. Ethan Lington, Blazing

This is a beautiful, soft focus photograph of the sun setting over the mountains, with rays of light streaming out. It is easy to see how much photographer Ethan Lington loves the Pacific Northwest in this image.

Ethan Lington, Blazing

6. Jakob LR, Golden Hour

Golden Hour by Jakob LR is a compilation of stunning images of wildly different environments, all combined aesthetically by the color orange. This work is from Storyboards, which is his series of stacked film images depicting short narratives.

Jakob LR, Golden Hour

7. Jim Roll, The River Garland

Photographer Jim Roll creates experimental photographs by introducing chance through multiple exposures and alternative processing. The River Garland is a double exposure film negative that overlays an image of a river with an image of flowers. The artist soaked the 35 mm film negative in a mixture of boiling water, wine, hot sauces, spices, and furniture polish and developed them in his personal darkroom, creating a mystical landscape.

Jim Roll, The River Garland

8. Cath Simard, Alone, not lonely

Cath Simard is well-known for creating landscape composite photographs. She shot Alone, not lonely during a trek deep into the backcountry of Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies over four different trips in order to capture the precise image she envisioned. Once she returned from the wilderness, she created this breathtaking photograph to convey her experience.

Cath Simard, Alone, not lonely
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