There has been a surge of interest in flat art in the digital art space. In flat art, artists eschew the use of outlines, edges, shadows, and highlights in an effort to create 2-dimensional space. Colors are extensive and unmodulated as artists reduce visual elements to their most basic form, without depth, texture, and materiality. The simplicity of this style creates a clean, contemporary aesthetic that is highly sought after.

Here are four examples of exciting flat artworks on Exchange Art:

  1. Vincenzo, SKYLINE

Vincenzo creates minimalist landscapes and cityscapes. In SKYLINE, the artist represents the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan in flat, unmodulated colors and soft lines. The viewer is forced to look beyond the opaque trees to the city beyond.

Vincenzo, Skyline

2.  Flat, Calm Wave

Flat is a flat artist who uses unmodulated colors in this unreal landscape. In Calm Wave, the bright green land becomes waves, while white orbs circulate in the multicolored sky.

Flat, Calm Wave

3. Kiramoto, follow the light

Kiramoto is a neo-precisionist, minimalist artist from the Philippines. In this digitally native work, kiramoto visually reduces the composition to flat forms, highlighting the lone figure, who is represented with depth and dimensionality.  

kiramoto, follow the light

4. Sleepr, Blink

Sleepr is a superflat artist who uses vibrant colors, expressive forms, and imaginative compositions to produce dreamlike imagery from personal visionary experiences. In Blink, loose, abstract forms unfurl across a train station in this unique aesthetic.

Sleepr, Blink
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