“Colorful artwork can trigger the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, leading to feelings of happiness and well-being” a quote by Dr. Shivani Khetan, that is a guiding principle through not only this collection, but also Mireyita’s artistic practice in general.

Explore a therapeutic world of vibrant color, geometric shape, and soothing minimalistic design with ‘COLOR PERCEPTION’. Each diverse painting from this 35 piece series evokes an immersive visual experience teeming with intense and lively colors, symbolizing life, joy, and energy for viewers. 

Take a deep breath, relax, and dig deeper into the way that your subconscious perceives the colors all around you with COLOR PERCEPTION by Mireyita.


From a young age Mireyita found herself in her fathers studio, taking solace and refuge in the feeling of strokes of paint on canvas. It’s those early years absorbing art and creativity that Mireyita accredits with her endless passion for painting. “Although my father was a businessman, his unwavering support inspired me to continue to pursue my artistic dream while I also pursued a career in digital marketing. I even played professional basketball until I was 21.” She recalls looking back on the past. Mireyita conquered her collegiate goals graduating with an MBA in digital marketing and working in that field while using art as a therapeutic escape from that hectic world of business.  

“Nature has always been my muse”, Mireyita mentions, “especially its vibrant and captivating colors. My love for colors and their impact on emotions led me to explore color psychology, discovering how they can stimulate neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins to promote happiness and well-being.” Her artistic style is a reflection of this deep fascination with color, combining vibrant colors with dynamic compositions to create works that convey joy and vitality. “Through my art, I seek to evoke positive emotions and foster an emotional connection with the viewer.” She continues. “My goal is to convey a sense of hope and wonder, inviting the viewer to contemplate the beauty of the world around them and find solace in their own artistic expression.”

The world of rich color that is all around us is something that can be easy to overlook for the average person but not for Mireyita. Mireyita’s relationship with color is deeply personal and has changed drastically due to vision issues that had her facing the possibility of vision loss that resulted in multiple surgeries. Faced with the multiple health issues, the 2020 pandemic, and multiple miscarriages; Mireyita would soon reassess the priorities in her life and once again connect with art as therapy and the colors that she so nearly lost.

In 2021, Mireyita discovered NFTs and went head first into the tumultuous world of trading, alpha hunting, and countless hours on social media. It’s not until she found the right communities that she said that things began to reveal themselves as transformative. “I was inspired to utilize NFTs for my art by the idea of my art being forever on the blockchain for everyone to see and enjoy.” Mireyita’s first collection ‘Notes to self’ was all about positivity and good vibes, she mentions. “I wanted those notes to be forever on the blockchain to help others be happy and have the opportunity to admire my art and also find positive affirmations to help them in their daily lives.” 

A message that Mireyita has continued to spread through all of the art she releases.


COLOR PERCEPTION is a collection of 35 acrylic paintings that evoke an immersive visual experience teeming with intense and lively colors, symbolizing life, joy, and energy. COLOR PERCEPTION stands as a reminder to enjoy life. Mireyita explains deeper, “I've harnessed these colors as a therapeutic tool, reflecting my personal journey of renewal and revival in both art and life.” Following two surgeries on her vision, several miscarriages, and a recent pregnancy, this collection “embodies my vibrant reawakening” she continues, “illustrating the resilience and beauty found in embracing life's colorful spectrum.” 

Each piece of art explores the dynamism and abstraction that Mireyita believes parallels life itself. Mireyita first starts with the careful selection of color based on her own exploration of color theory and the healing properties of color itself before beginning to layer to allow geometric based shapes to take form. “My creative process is a fusion of intuition and experimentation, " she explains, “It begins with a spark of inspiration that I then develop through sketches and color exploration. This series follows my usual process but with a renewed focus on exploring color psychology and its impact on the viewer's experience.” Ultimately Mireyita hopes that her focus on color in this art can help create more appreciation and awareness of its impact on us. 

Immerse yourself into Mireyita’s worlds of therapeutic color and find yourself within the shapes and lines of COLOR PERCEPTION. Coinciding with her own child's birth, Mireyita considers this a rebirth for herself artistically and says that each viewer of the art is part of that process. She hopes these paintings can showcase the beauty found in embracing life's colorful spectrum and serve as a reminder to appreciate the colors around us.

Explore the 35 piece collection of COLOR PERCEPTION here.

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