It's been a while since the infamous purple diamond showed up on our homepage. It sure sparked speculation; we kept hearing the same things over and over.

Is it real? Is it just a gimmick? When? Who? How? It's never going to happen! They are playing us!

Let us be clear, it's real, but good things take time.

The big question is WEN, the answer is end of Q2 with snapshot happening sometime during May.

We never believed in points; they felt like farming our users. We deliberately didn't specify the criteria for the upcoming airdrop; this was meant as a reward for organic users, not speculators or farmers.

Next big question is WHO? Without diving deep into how allocations are calculated (next post we’ll discuss that, as well as tokenomics), we will be rewarding both creators and collectors. Metrics like volume, consistency, account creation date, and # of artists supported, among others, will have specific weights that will affect the final allocation per wallet.

The launch of $ART represents a primary step towards the progressive decentralization of the Exchange Ecosystem. Holders of $ART will be able to participate in the governance of certain aspects of the ecosystem, starting with curation and progressively moving into other areas of the platform. Additionally, they will have access to enhanced tooling, utility, and rewards, including incentives within the Exchange ecosystem, where eligible.

In addition, we will launch a rewards program to incentivize activities that directly benefit artists and a grant program focused on funding partners for projects that will help us grow our ecosystem.

WHY? It is time to begin the decentralization process to fuel our next growth stage, with our community, as always, as a primary driver.


WEN? Late Q2
WEN Snapshot? During May
WHO? Artists and Collectors
WHY? It's time, and you deserve it

Disclaimer: We will never stealth launch or do random presale mechanics. All communications will come through official channels only.

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