What is $ART? 

$ART is the governance and utility token for Exchange Art. $ART is our first major step towards decentralizing the platform, $ART allows for our community to get more involved in the future direction and decision making of the Exchange Art platform. 

$ART holders will help shape the future of ExchangeArt.

Earn more $ART through several reward programs and community initiatives as well as by participating in Exchange Art governance via drafting and/or voting on proposals. With $ART the power is given directly to the users who help to power our growth.

Stay tuned to get more information.

How do I claim $ART? 

The $ART token is ONLY claimable through the https://exchange.art/art-claim page. 

Our team and/or affiliates will NEVER DM you regarding the token claim process, please operate with caution.

Claiming site will be live for 3 months.

Where can I buy more $ART?

$ART can currently be traded through both Jupiter & Raydium. CEX listings will follow shortly after.

If you believe you are interacting with $ART,  please ensure the contract address is that of the official Exchange Art token. Be cautious of malicious actors looking to take advantage of the $ART ticker symbol.

Official Contract Address:


What is the total supply of $ART?

The total supply of $ART is 1,000,000,000 tokens. 

-10% of the total supply to be claimed by the Exchange Art Community, unlocked on TGE

-5% of the total supply for liquidity (seeding LP, MMs, etc)

-20% of the total supply to be distributed to the team (3 year linear vesting, 6 months cliff)

-15% of the supply will be distributed to investors and advisors (3 year linear vesting, 6 months cliff)

-30% of the supply will be allocated to rewards programs (1% unlocked per month)

-20% of the supply will be allocated to an ecosystem fund (1% unlocked per month)

How was the $ART airdrop allocation calculated? 

The initial 10% Community $ART claim was calculated based on both activity and volume. Creators and collectors receive separate allocations meaning that artists who have supported artists by collecting art will be rewarded for both actions on the platform. 

  • 75% of the weight for allo calculations was based on volume sold or bought in USD terms. This metric holds the most weight.

    *Keep in mind that if you are an artists, for how much your art was resold after primary sale, doesn't count for your own allocation.
  • 25% of the distribution weight based on longevity and activity on the platform

Multipliers based for the amount of pieces bought/sold, and by how many different artists.

Multipliers were also used for each quarter active on Exchange Art from inception for a total of 1.5% per quarter boost to the total allocation.

How long do I have to claim $ART?

Eligible users have 3 months to claim their tokens, after this point all remaining tokens will be allocated towards the Ecosystem Fund designed to help empower and grow the art ecosystem on Solana through various initiatives, exhibitions, grants, and more.

What can I do with my $ART?

$ART will be integrated into as many elements of the Exchange Art platforms as possible as it is an important part of the Exchange Art journey towards decentralization and an exciting step towards many fun initiatives, programs, bonus features and more. 

Upon token generation event $ART can be used to buy and sell artwork on Exchange Art. 

$ART also allows users to participate in the future decision making of the Exchange Art platform through the ability to propose and/or vote upon on-chain governance through locking tokens to achieve greater voting power.

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