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Ece Haskan : A closer look

Ece's work revolves around the intriguing concept of duality, a theme that permeates every stroke of her brush and pixel of her digital canvas. With a keen eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the surreal, she crafts figurative surrealist masterpieces that challenge the boundaries between the...


Ilham Karim: A closer look

At the core of Karim's artistic vision lies the philosophy of Albert Camus' Absurdism. This existential perspective challenges the human condition, and Karim translates it into vibrant visual form. The vivid colors that permeate their works collide with figures caught in the throes of inexplicable poses, creating...


Teraki: A closer look

Teraki is a true pioneer in the world of generative art, a masterful blend of algorithms and artistic expression. His creative process is driven by an insatiable curiosity, always on the lookout for inspiration in the most unexpected places. From nature walks to technical papers and even their own waking...


Jake-Andrew: A closer look

Meet Jake-Andrew Nason, a talented artist whose lifelong passion for both painting and music has shaped his artistic journey in remarkable ways. From a young age, he was captivated by the power of these mediums to evoke emotions and create meaningful connections. This fascination continues to inspire him as he...


Lisanne Haack: A closer look

Lisanne Haack is an emerging Brazilian artist known for her mesmerizing abstract compositions that evoke a profound sense of emotion. With her brushstrokes and color palettes, she creates captivating visual narratives that speak directly to the soul. I couldn't help but wonder what had initially drawn her to...

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