Ece's work revolves around the intriguing concept of duality, a theme that permeates every stroke of her brush and pixel of her digital canvas. With a keen eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the surreal, she crafts figurative surrealist masterpieces that challenge the boundaries between the real and the fantastical.

Deer People and Candles by ecehaskan

the beginnings

Q: What initially drew you to your chosen medium or art form, and what keeps you engaged and inspired to continue creating?

I studied painting in fine arts high school, it was an traditional academic education. Then I done my BA in Graphic Design. My education life affected how I create. Since high school, I’ve been excited to be between digital and traditional techniques. Since I created from a more narrative perspective, illustration techniques always seemed closer to me.

the inspirations

Q: Can you describe your creative process? How do you generate ideas, and how do you bring them to life in your work?

The concept of duality and irony in our daily lives have been a perpetual source of fascination for me. The way I perceive the world around me forms the bedrock of my creative ideas. When I translate these ideas into art, I collect visuals that resonate with my thoughts. On occasion, I commence with a digital sketch and transfer it onto canvas once I've honed in on a compelling form. Alternatively, I might initiate the process with a traditional sketch and culminate in a digital artwork.

Mirrors by ecehaskan

Q: Many artists have a particular theme or message that they explore through their art. What central themes or ideas do you find yourself consistently drawn to, and why?

The theme I'm working on revolves around the concept of duality. This is because there's a duality in my artworks both technically, blending digital and traditional techniques, and the viewers can perceive this. In terms of context, I enjoy exploring images that bridge the gap between reality and imagination. I believe that existence itself arises from this balance, from duality.

finding middle ground

Q: How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and meeting the expectations or demands of the audience or art market?

I don't really dwell on the market aspect of art. To me, the only thing that can truly make being an artist valuable is being unique. Every artist, every individual in the world is already a unique creation, and that's the most fundamental thing that defines us. When I create a piece of work based solely on myself, I believe it becomes unique. It's this consistency and determination in such a state that shapes an artist's original style and determines its value.

Q: Artistic expression can be deeply personal and introspective. How do you handle vulnerability and emotional exposure in your work, and how does it affect you as an artist?

There are times when I don't feel like creating, and emotional fluctuations sometimes lead me to take a break. But I think these are quite natural because, after such periods, I can create new and better works with higher energy. I view these times as opportunities for self-improvement in my personal and spiritual journey. And during this healing process, new ideas and perspectives emerge. Sometimes, new artworks also arise from this journey.

the influence

Q: Are there any artists or art movements that have had a significant influence on your style or approach? How have they inspired and shaped your artistic journey?

Yes, indeed, the concept of relativity greatly influences me. I draw inspiration not only from physics but also from philosophy and emotionally charged writings such as poetry. In the context of art history, I can say that I'm influenced by surreal artists and symbolism. Magritte's idea of 'This is not a pipe,' with its philosophical subtext, resonated with my thought process when I read his book, and it inspires me. Additionally, John Berger's "Ways of Seeing" has been one of the thoughts that have influenced my creative process.

Obscure Regret by ecehaskan

Q:In the creative process, artists often encounter challenges or roadblocks. Can you share a specific instance where you faced a significant obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

In the long period, I faced challenges in my individual journey to gain acceptance for digital art within the traditional gallery and art market. This was because I wanted to continue both digital and traditional painting, but traditional art galleries were not very receptive to this until 2020. In fact, during a talk I gave in Istanbul, I mentioned this issue and emphasized how NFTs have been very helpful in this regard. I pointed out that digital art, including my own, is now accepted in the art market thanks to NFTs.

Q: Collaboration can be a powerful force in art. Have you ever collaborated with other artists or professionals from different disciplines? If so, what was the experience like, and how did it impact your work?

As an art director and illustrator, I collaborate with numerous local brands in Turkey regularly. Using my art in commercial projects with these brands and reaching larger audiences has been a fulfilling experience for me. In addition to this, I have a new development in my personal art projects. I'm collaborating with a German programmer, and soon, we will be transforming my artworks into interactive experiences. The fusion of technology and art has always excited me. I'm thrilled to blend unfamiliar techniques with my art through collaborations with professionals.

the experience with Exchange Art

Q: Could you describe how your involvement with Exchange Art, has impacted your life as an artist?

Being an Exchange Art artist is genuinely fulfilling for me; it feels like home and family. Everyone in the Solana community makes an effort to get to know each other, and that's something I treasure. I also genuinely feel that the community values my artwork not just for its monetary worth but for its emotional significance as well. Additionally, it provides me with a sustainable income as an artist. Speaking specifically about Turkey, young artists often have to take on side jobs. Offering my artwork as NFTs and having them sell allows me to sustain my daily life while producing the art I want, which brings me peace and happiness. The global network aspect is also something that brings me joy because it allows me to connect and interact with artists and art enthusiasts from all around the world

Girl and The Snake Plant by ecehaskan

thoughts to the future

Q: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals as an artist? How do you envision your artistic practice evolving in the future?

I believe that as an artist, it's essential for us to constantly update ourselves and our practices. I, too, strive to integrate and experiment with new technologies and opportunities in my art by keeping up with developments. I have many projects I want to undertake and numerous new techniques I want to try. In the future, I aim to bring my unique style to life through these techniques. On one hand, I'm in the process of preparing for a solo exhibition, and I feel that this exhibition is a significant step in my artistic journey. I aspire to progress by using both traditional and digital techniques together. Moreover, in the future, I want to create artworks that will be featured in galleries and, hopefully, museums around the world and open exhibitions.

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Hello! I’m Ece, I’m an illustrator and designer based in İstanbul. In the paintings, I explore the concept of duality between different aspects of existence. Drawing from my background in traditional arts to digital painting, I’m creating figurative surrealist works that blur the boundaries betwee…
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