Exchange Art is going multichain! On Aug 1st we are opening the doors to the ETH community, but it doesn’t stop there! Exchange Art will be the first true Multichain art marketplace allowing for artworks to be minted on multiple blockchains within the same series.

ETH made easy, Exchange Art will be launching our own gas-optimized ETH contract for creators to mint artworks on the Ethereum blockchain with the same ease you are used to on our platform. Creators will also be able to import existing smart contracts!


Multichain Collections. One collection. Two blockchains. Yes, we did that. Many creators are already doing informal multichain collections, with this major update creators can have pieces on both SOL & ETH side by side! Your art in one place.

We envision a future where all of your art can be viewed and collected easily. Import your ETH collections to showcase your complete body of art in one place, the way it was always intended! Exchange Art is NOT leaving Solana or backing down on our efforts to continue to uplift and empower the art ecosystem.

We believe through bringing in ETH collectors/liquidity and showcasing the incredible art of SOL alongside that of ETH will only strengthen the ecosystem! Our goal is to build meaningful tools.

Exchange Art believes that multichain is the future and that the blockchain a creator chooses is just another tool for them to make a living with their artwork!

We aren’t Exchange SOL
We aren’t Exchange ETH
We are Exchange ART!

On August 1st, we shake up the digital art ecosystem and do our part in strengthening & growing the creator economy globally.

Mark those calendars, plan those mints, and get ready to grow the Exchange Art community altogether!

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