Fueled by an insatiable creative drive, CLINTXVX continues to push himself to new heights, continually evolving his art. With each new creation, he defies expectations and unveils a fresh perspective, captivating the world with his boundless imagination and unwavering determination.

Dr. Young by CLINTXVX

tracing the beginnings

Q: What initially drew you to your chosen medium or art form, and what keeps you engaged and inspired to continue creating?

I started in the streets, so my collage style came a lot from the inspirations of the huge street art scene we have in São Paulo - Brazil. Just like the city never sleeps, my creation urge doesn't either, and pushing myself to new challenges and limits. This is what keeps me going on.

the inspiration

Q: Can you describe your creative process? How do you generate ideas, and how do you bring them to life in your work?

They all come from a deconstruction of the society's norms that surround us. I don't see things like the rest of the world do, and my art is the escape that I have to bring another meaning to it.

Gypsychological by CLINTXVX

Q: Many artists have a particular theme or message that they explore through their art. What central themes or ideas do you find yourself consistently drawn to, and why?

(UN)SEEN. I'm focused on the details that you don't see at first glance. Just like it is possible to not see me even though I'm everywhere in the streets of my city, the most meaning of my art will only reveal if you take a closer look. The details were always there but maybe you just didn't look at them with enough attention.

no compromise

Q: How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and meeting the expectations or demands of the audience or art market?

I try to explore different mediums and styles that fits my ecosystem to reach all the publics. I don't change my style to fit in it, I fit what I want in my style.


Q: Artistic expression can be deeply ?personal and introspective. How do you handle vulnerability and emotional exposure in your work, and how does it affect you as an artist?

Honestly, I don't think about it. My emotional state is linked to my art, but much more in terms of the pace of production, new ideas, etc., than how I reflect this in my creations. When I stop to create, I leave my emotions aside, and sink into a world where there is only me, the canvas, and my new exploration.


the influence

Q: Are there any artists or art movements that have had a significant influence on your style or approach? How have they inspired and shaped your artistic journey?

For sure. The world-known Brazilian movement called 'PIXAÇÃO' was always my biggest inspiration. Not only the style itself that helped me to develop an authentic and recognizable graffiti style, but the whole idea behind the movement. People literally risk their lives to leave their mark in the city, and they don't care if you like it or not, or if you can read it or not. We do it for passion! For the art!


the unbreakable spirit of determination

Q: In the creative process, artists often encounter challenges or roadblocks. Can you share a specific instance where you faced a significant obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

Well, many ideas I had on my mind were blocked because I didn't know how to use the technique or software to achieve it, but it always served as inspiration and challenged me to go for it. I never learned 3D or Video Motion in College or in my early years, so facing that challenge older and alone and actually being able to have both of those skills on my 'creation arsenal' is something that I'm very proud of.

the importance of collaborations

Q: Collaboration can be a powerful force in art. Have you ever collaborated with other artists or professionals from different disciplines? If so, what was the experience like, and how did it impact your work?

Totally. Before and in web3 too. Every collaboration has their own vibe, you know?! It's always a new challenge and experiment, and it really connects artists through the globe. All of them were very inspiring. My first collaboration on SOL was with the legend JT LISS and will always be special, because we really made a friendship there, and J really supported my art and opened many doors that I'm sure wouldn't happen without it. The energy matched so much, that we decided to make a series from it, that ended with 4 pieces and many important collectors on the scene.

Meticulous desires by CLINTXVX

the experience with Exchange Art

Q: Could you describe how your involvement with Exchange Art, has impacted your life as an artist?

Since the beginning I always admired how EA is connected with its public. It's amazing, and I think that having a Marketplace that thinks about that, is a win-win situation for everyone. When a core like a Marketplace works alongside the community, it makes us feel more like a family together, you know?! If we were on a party, I'd see SR for example as stuck-up person on his corner talking only with who they are interested, but EA in my vision would be that good vibe person talking and having fun with everybody. That's the people I like to be surrounded by.

thoughts to the future

Q: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals as an artist? How do you envision your artistic practice evolving in the future?

My biggest goal is to be a full time artist and leave the Art Director career that I already accomplished before the web3. I could live the best life, I could do what I love, and I'll be doing that till the last breath. Living day by day, creating with my heart, and let the wind show the paths I can take. One thing is sure, I don't run from a challenge, and I'm always looking for new ones too, so I guess our goals can change along the way too.

Nest of Solace by CLINTXVX

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Brazilian mixed media artist exploring my soul through my art. I’m on the details you don’t see (un)seen
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