We would like to introduce a category of art on our platform – curated. Designated through the purple diamond icon, only the highest caliber art will achieve curated status. The Curatorial Council, composed of members across the community, review and discuss the series.

The process to become a curated series will evolve from centralized to more decentralized. At the start, the Curatorial Council will shortlist and select series for this status. In the coming months, the community will vote on shortlisted candidates generated by the Council.

At the moment, artists cannot submit their series for curated status, although we will let you know if that changes. The Curatorial Council is aware of the art being created on Exchange Art as well as the ecosystem at large.

To briefly introduce the Council:

@A2KDeFi is a co-founder of Exchange Art and loves to coach artists in realizing their artistic and commercial potential. He is an avid 1/1 art collector and is acquiring art for the Treasure Room Gallery.

@kaa_nft is an art advisor, curator, fine art appraiser, and writer. She is the Senior Curator at Exchange Art. She has extensive curatorial experience at international arts institutions and enjoys working directly with contemporary artists.

@mrjustinflwr is the project lead of @solflowers_io , former NYC curator, and longtime physical and digital art collector.

@notjohnlestudio is an illustrator and storyteller who has established his presence as a 1/1 artist in the Solana ecosystem. He is the creator of The First Collection and the ongoing Random Access Hard-Drives, and Le Dao's Founders Collection.

@Papa_MooMoo is a collector, performing artist, and builder. He enjoys connecting with artists and empowering others. He is the curator for @BigBrainGallery, is working on @Pot_Heads_NFT, and an advisor to @TemplarKidsNFT.

@quincy_sol is a cross-chain collector with a focus on abstract art. He is deeply engaged in learning about the art and NFT market via conversation with artists and fellow collectors.

@xVirtualSD is the founder of Paragon, a multi-medium art agency focused on bridging the gap between NFTs and traditional fine art.

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