As a creator-first marketplace, an artist’s perspective is crucial in making sure we, at, are creating a space that caters to artists’ success. This is why we are thrilled to announce our first formal advisor, John Lê.

John Lê is an experienced and talented NFT artist who will be joining us to bring a new perspective to our growing platform and community. As an advisor, he will continue seeking new ways to heighten the creator experience on and the Solana ecosystem as a whole.

“Since the beginning of our relationship, I have suggested several creator and collector-focused features that fit within a Venn diagram that both enhance the experience of my releases and instigate the imaginations of the other artists on the platform,” said John Le. “Moving forward, I would like to increase my level of involvement to continue to bring out new features that will heighten the Creator and Collector experience on Exchange Art and the Solana ecosystem as a whole. I hope to empathetically represent the independent artists in a way that makes them proud and confident to share their work with all of us.”

John brings an abundance of knowledge and expertise to Exchange.Art and the overall Solana creator ecosystem. At the height of the bull market, John made the jump to Solana to help cut his costs and ultimately, saw an opportunity to reach an entirely new fanbase with much lower risk. Since then, John has sold over $2M on Solana and has grown to be a respected and trusted creator within Exchange.Art and Solana communities.

“We want to operate and drive innovation for with creators at the forefront of our motives,” says Alex Fleseriu, CEO of “That is why having John, who has seen what works and what doesn’t on NFT marketplaces and blockchains as a creator himself, as our advisor is a privilege and will help us further align our values of being creator focused with our operations.

”We truly believe his insight and perspective as’s advisor will bring creators’ success to new heights. Together, we are eager to represent and provide the needed support for independent creators to continue to make a living through their work and support this incredible community we have on Solana.

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