Roman's journey into the digital realm has been driven by a profound fascination with the evolving relationship between humanity and technology. As we traverse the rapidly changing landscape of the 21st century, his work serves as a mirror, reflecting the dynamic interplay between the ancient and the modern, the physical and the digital. Through his art, he seeks to capture the essence of time and movement, giving voice to the shifts and transformations that define our era.

Tansformation of Daphne I by romarharov

the beginnings

Q: What initially drew you to your chosen medium or art form, and what keeps you engaged and inspired to continue creating?

What keeps me engaged and inspired to continue creating is the endless potential for experimentation and innovation. The digital realm offers a vast playground for artistic expression, and I am constantly inspired by the evolving relationship between humanity and technology. I find joy in exploring the fusion of ancient and modern, physical and digital, and creating artwork that reflects the changes brought about by time and movement.

Beyond Eden by romarharov

the inspirations

Q: Can you describe your creative process? How do you generate ideas, and how do you bring them to life in your work?

Once I have an idea or concept in mind, I use my own creative vision and skills in programs like Zbrush to refine and shape the artwork. I add human forms, dynamic strokes, and asymmetrical shapes to evoke emotion and inject a personal touch into the artwork. I strive to strike a balance between the randomly distorted elements and the human touches, creating a blend of organic and otherworldly aesthetics.

Q: Many artists have a particular theme or message that they explore through their art. What central themes or ideas do you find yourself consistently drawn to, and why?

Another theme I delve into is the balance between stability and evolution, regulation and progress. I believe that humanity's well-being depends on our ability to maintain equilibrium even as we navigate the unknown future. By creating artwork that reflects this delicate balance, I aim to spark dialogue about our relationship with technology and the natural world.

The Unending Path - romarharov

finding middle ground

Q: How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and meeting the expectations or demands of the audience or art market?

While I value feedback and appreciate the perspectives of my audience, I ultimately prioritize staying true to my creative instincts. I believe that by creating art that is genuine and meaningful to me, I can connect with an audience that shares my artistic vision. It's important to find a balance between creating art that speaks to others and maintaining artistic integrity.

Q: Artistic expression can be deeply personal and introspective. How do you handle vulnerability and emotional exposure in your work, and how does it affect you as an artist?

Creating art is a vulnerable process, as it often involves expressing personal thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I embrace this vulnerability and see it as an integral part of the artistic journey. It allows me to connect with my audience on a deeper level and create work that evokes emotional responses. While it can be challenging at times, the ability to touch others through my art is incredibly rewarding and fuels my passion to continue creating.

The Collective Unconscious by romarharov

the influence

Q: Are there any artists or art movements that have had a significant influence on your style or approach? How have they inspired and shaped your artistic journey?

The integration of technology in contemporary art practices has been a significant influence on my style and approach. Artists who reinterpret historical periods in a contemporary context, such as Massimiliano Pelletti, Kevin Francis Gray and Rachel Kneebone, have had a significant influence on my style. Their ability to merge the past and present, and their exploration of human forms, resonates with my own artistic vision.

Q: In the creative process, artists often encounter challenges or roadblocks. Can you share a specific instance where you faced a significant obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

lost #12 by romarharov

One significant obstacle I faced was the challenge of creating physical sculptures based on my digital artwork. Despite my efforts, I encountered difficulties in translating the complexity of my digital forms into tangible sculptures. The intricate details and intricate shapes proved to be technically challenging to reproduce in physical form. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to fully realize these complex forms in reality. However, I see this as an opportunity for growth and exploration in the future. I am determined to continue refining my skills and exploring new techniques to overcome this obstacle and bring my intricate forms to life in the physical realm.

Q: Collaboration can be a powerful force in art. Have you ever collaborated with other artists or professionals from different disciplines? If so, what was the experience like, and how did it impact your work?

I have not yet had the chance to collaborate extensively, I recently participated in a project called "365???" with @enigma_atelier, a highly talented artist whose vision aligns with mine. The experience was inspiring and opened my eyes to the possibilities of collaborative work. I am always open to engaging in collaborative interactions and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with other artists and professionals. I believe that such collaborations can bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and techniques to my work, as well as expand my artistic horizons.

the experience with Exchange Art

Q: Could you describe how your involvement with Exchange Art, has impacted your life as an artist?

Being involved with Exchange Art has had a significant impact on my life as an artist. The platform has not only provided me with the opportunity to showcase and sell my artwork to a wide audience, but it has also created a supportive and friendly atmosphere that I greatly value. Interacting with other artists and collectors on Exchange Art has helped me expand my knowledge and skills, as well as receive valuable feedback and constructive criticism. This support and sense of community have given me strength and motivation to continue pursuing my artistic journey. Through Exchange Art, I feel like a part of a vibrant community of artists, constantly engaging in the exchange of ideas and inspiration.

Tansformation of Zeus I by romarharov

thoughts to the future

Q: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals as an artist? How do you envision your artistic practice evolving in the future?

Looking ahead, my aspirations and goals as an artist are to continue pushing the boundaries of my creativity and exploring new concepts and techniques. I envision my artistic practice evolving in the future by further integrating technology into my artwork and experimenting with innovative mediums. One of my main aspirations is to showcase my artwork in galleries and participate in exhibitions. I believe that exhibiting my work in physical spaces allows for a deeper connection between the audience and the artwork. It provides an opportunity to engage with viewers on a more personal level and elicit emotional responses. Additionally, I aim to build a strong base of collectors who appreciate and support my artistic vision. Building relationships with collectors is not only fulfilling on a personal level, but it also provides financial stability and allows me to continue creating art. Ultimately, my goal is to make a meaningful impact with my art, provoke thought and reflection, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the relationship between humanity, technology, and identity in the modern world.

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Overall, my aspiration as an artist is to craft pieces that evoke the poignancy of life in our modern digital age and ponder the relationship between the mortal and eternal. The figures I create reflect the fluidity and dynamism of human nature in the 21st century.
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